The Loveliness Of Europe

Europe Is Full Of Passion

Europe; from the romantic syllables of Français to the actual passion of Italians, even the Scandinavian cool has a magnetic pull for me. There’s hardly been a time when I wasn’t longing to travel somewhere, no matter which continent: Europe, Asia or even the moon. Any excuse, any small fund stashed away for some high-end purchase, any mode of transport, and I’ve taken it. Backpacks, duffel bags, I’d even grab a knotted handkerchief on a stick if it meant I could discover something new. Call it cultural ADD.. whatever. The only barrier to entry is the imagination. I’ve met travellers, tourists, people who’ve worked their way round the world picking cherries, worked their way round their own vast countries waiting tables, busked their way round Europe and travelled five star only. The root of all understanding and growth is meeting and communing with others from all walks of life in all corners of the globe. Europe exemplifies that ethos in spades.

We’ve laughed, cried, broken bread and screamed for our teams, we’ve danced on beaches and jumped on buses, trains, boats and planes to other countries like it was a quick trip to the shops.
Talking politics here isn’t my thing, so I won’t sniffle, just leaf through our collective family albums, my friends and I: Swedish, South African, Thai, American, European and British. Love is always the best medicine.

The coffees, the fikas, the pizzas, the dishes lovingly made by friends…DV

Winding streets full of unknown delights.
Wild open spaces.. bright, nightless nights..

Spin me —>
Main Image: Varaporn Nothing
Plus images by: Rob Homewood, Ksenia, Dear Velvet

The style, the fashion.. Stockholm, we love you!DV

DV Heart Europe

Thanks to Varaporn, Ksenia, Rob, Dear Velvet…


Photos from Sweden, Spain, Mallorca, France, Iceland and the sky…


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