Lunch In Los Angeles

Lunch In Los Angeles

How to spend a Los Angeles lunchtime, in the land of the stick-thin and the preternaturally healthy? A green smoothie and a magazine, of course. When I was in the Other City Of Angels recently, (there’s also Bangkok,…) I stopped into Nekter for a shot of the green stuff one sunny noontime (but aren’t they always, in California?!) and grabbed a local glossy for company. 

Looks great, doesn’t it? Le sigh..There’s something about the lightness of a (healthy) liquid lunch and the sight of palm trees that has one pining for the sunshine when transplanted back to gloomier climes. But I guess if we all lived in the sun there’d be no sumptuous winter coats and, and.. No, I’m not convinced either. Roll on the sunshine I say, life’s better that way. 

Speaking of healthy habits, apparently a rigorous cleanse is not enough; you need to maintain your svelte figure with a  staggering fifteen pounds of fruit and veggies a day! What do you think.. could you handle that much chlorophyll and fiber? I’m intrigued to find out first hand. I’ll be sure to let you know!

Looks like it might be easier to chill out in the crook of a gnarly tree trunk and simply read the noon away, like this lucky Angeleno here, or wander down Ocean and Santa Monica and soak up the rays. Think of this when you’re chomping on your pre packed sandwich, or more likely bolting down a coffee and a roll before dashing back to the office on a rainy day.

Life for those California Girls is sweet.



Photography By Dear Velvet