Ode To Roxy Beach

Roxy Beach Club

Around this time of year, somewhere on an island off the coast of Spain, a small bay is filled with sun worshipping Beautiful People. No not that island, this is her more quietly seductive sister, Mallorca.

Roxy People - Ode To Roxy BeachLocals may demur when you ask the way, but I’ll break protocol and whisper in your ear: it is in Portals, at the water’s edge, in a tiny cove. A kind of pop-up cafe for chill out lovers, yachties and slinky Spanish sirens, Roxy Beach is surrounded by rocks and sea, and only accessible by descending a steep flight of steps cut into a cliff. (Luckily I decided not to wear heels at the last minute!)
Roxy Beach Tree - Ode To Roxy BeachYacht - Ode To Roxy BeachMallorca is all about the yachts.. Why not moor yours nearby while you dally?
Roxette 2 - Ode To Roxy BeachRosey Wine - Ode To Roxy Beach

Ode To Roxy Beach

So.. See you at Roxy Beach then? Si? Bueno.

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Roxy Beach Club – Puerto Portals, Mallorca

  • 07181 Palma De Mallorca, Spain


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