Poolside Blues

Why do we always feel so much better in foreign climes? DV

So here I am, sitting by the pool on an island off the coast of Spain, wondering why everything feels so fresh and perfect, and asking myself why can’t life always be like this. For the record, I’m actually working, but that’s not important. My question is this:

Curtains - Poolside Blues

Sure, not every holiday is equal. We’ve all had our own vacation vexations: the lost baggage, missed connections, unfinished hotel, over-adventurous sampling of unfamiliar food. Urban legend tells of strange foreign malaise and Spring Breaks that leave budgets, gadgets and even hearts broken, so why do we go away to recharge?Foreign Hearth - Poolside Blues A Different Bloom - Poolside Blues

It’s always good to take a fresh look, no?DV

Some say that absence from home makes us all the more happy to return; we miss the daily routine and clutch our phones as always, like a security blanket. But the lack of a plan or regimen, calms us, if we let it. Even if new issues present themselves, they’re, well, new.. and that’s a good thing.
Doing Nothing - Poolside Blues

Like many these days, I’m sure, I live to move, and sometimes move to live, and I’ve realized that the time and space afforded by travel, even for work, have a resonance that affect our being for weeks and months to come. Emptying one’s life of the familiar stuff, busyness, clothes, and even people. What the Italians call “Il dolce far niente”, the sweetness of doing nothing.

The secret is, even if you are actually doing something, it still feels good. So if your work and lifestyle are portable, go live it now.

Poolside Pictures - Poolside Blues

Not so blue after all.

Photographs By Dear Velvet