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There’s a certain kind of magic in a road trip. We’ve all seen it in movies, from The Hangover to The Bourne Identity. But it doesn’t have to be all Bonnie and Clyde, or end up in a strange hotel on Vegas (unless that’s what you’re looking for!).
Try it for a few days, or even a day. The road trip is a great way to connect with your friends, or even yourself, and California has to be one of the most charming places to do that. It’s almost obligatory to do a little searching there, . (Although I’d definitely recommend Arizona and New Mexico if you like things a little spicy.. food and landscape).

I call this Road Trip California, but in reality, we’d come from everywhere: Miami, the Midwest, the UK, South America.   Actors, artists, stuntwoman, photographers..  So incredible when creative people just flow with each other. The best kind of feeling.

go to discover yourself
go to discover the land
whatever you do
just go
road trip california

Days of driving, the music turned high. Dusty, hot and delicious. We stopped a few times to refuel: gas, candy and pizza. We played a music game, where everyone chose a song on their turn and sang it aloud at the top of their voice, music turned high. Everybody sang “Hotel California”,  Obviously.

Photography Dear Velvet
Model: Talyn Edelson

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