See Gothenburg

You just want to slow down and walk at that leisurely pace…

A short weekend hop to the beautiful city of Gothenburg, gave a taste of the first rays of Swedish Summer sun. The clear, super blue skies explain the calmness of Swedish life. You just want to slow down and walk at that leisurely pace, so different from cities like London and New York, or even Stockholm. Maybe grab an ice cream, like the locals, even though temperatures are low. (Don’t let the sun fool you, we still shivered in our leather jackets.)

Gothenburg reminded me somehow, of Palma, (obviously not temperature-wise) with cobbled streets, piercing sunlight and little cafes. I loved the old courtyards and alleyways. There were really cute gift shops, with that particularly homely Swedish style as well as the big hitters like, Weekdays (Cheap Monday jeans.. bliss!) and the ever-present chain, Lagerhaus, where kitchenware bargains abound.

Gothenburg Sun 8

That airy, open Swedish style you love..

Possibly the most stylish store we managed to cram in (okay, we had to see Ikea, so time flew) was Bolia, whose motto, “Live, Love, Create) tells all. This is the place to plan converting your life to that airy, open Swedish style you love, lounging in one of their room sets, with a complimentary coffee. I’m still dreaming of that pale salmon pink sofa and dove grey pillows now.

The best part for me was the docks, where I passed a group of workers and poked my lens through the wire fence. One of them, seeing me, said in a gruff voice, “Come here!” Then he opened huge gates to a world of dazzling streaks of light, dancing on sea. After dangling dangerously close to the water’s edge, they gave me a send off, laughing as we tried to speak each other’s language.

Varsågod: Here you are, and Tack så mycket: Thank you very much!

As I told them, sometimes it’s enough.

Gothenburg Sun 7

Gothenburg Sun 9

Gothenburg Sun 3

Gothenburg Sun 6

Photographs: Dear Velvet