Summer Of Travel

Just over half way through and already, in so many ways, this is shaping up to be a really exciting year.

I know there have been tumultuous changes in politics of every sort (and just about everywhere) and not everything is changing for the better, but some things are moving forward rapidly. Tech is advancing at a rate of knots, the reality of robotic helpers is on the near horizon (although this may mean a huge sea change in the way we work, or don’t) and IQ is rising worldwide.

Travellers are hot..DV

Phew! With all that brainy stuff going on, we definitely need to take a break now and again, so I was thrilled to read the best news of all a few months ago: travellers are richer, cleverer and well, just hotter! Actually, I’ve seen that quote all over Asia in traveller’s magazines and backpack hubs, but apparently it’s true.

The ability to think on your feet, mix with many different people, in different languages and make snap decisions when faced with a tuk tuk to a night market, a train to Cambodia or a boat ride to Koh Phang Nan just have to be worth something. The split-decision shopping and bargaining at pop-up street stalls in unlikely places must count for something too, ditto increasing your spatial awareness and cognitive faculties by calculating guerrilla packing algorithms on the fly.

Travelling can take you from a me-first perspective to a we-first one… DV

More seriously, the ability to think and deal with situations from a multicultural perspective once you get home leads to being offered more interesting, better paid jobs or the stellar ability to start your own business. Personally, I think travelling can take you from a me-first perspective to a we-first one.

And that’s everything.

So this summer I’ve had, am in the middle of and have lined up, a semi-epic journey (no Trans-Siberian Express, sadly, but there’s always next year) spanning four continents and multiple changes of temperature. I’m doing it without the four suitcases beloved of travelling divas, and I’m armed with a camera, a taste for fabulous fabrics, colours, smells and sights and a yen for exotic food.

One of my favourite things is to ask or read how someone got there: where did they go, how did they travel, what did they see? So I’ll do just that: travel tips, sights, and probably aromas too, if I can get them down in words.

Then there’s the people. So many interesting, creative, beautiful people. I feel so lucky to have met them and have the opportunity to move. If you do too, if there’s a chance you can go somewhere, even another town, even for the weekend, just go. Travelling and meeting new people, are the spice of life to me. Let’s do it.

Over the summer, let’s cram it all in.

Let’s make this our Summer Of Travel.DV


Photograph: GameDev Mojo

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