The Sea, The Sea

The Sea and its magnetic pull…

..Have held us in thrall since the first people lashed a few tree branches together and set out on the ocean, looking for other lands and new friends. Not much has changed then. The urge to meet other tribes, try their food and marvel or giggle at their strange customs is stronger than ever today. We are all travellers, whether by plane or Pinterest.

For myself, the urge to just GO is so strong I can often be found hopping on and off buses, bikes, skateboards, rickshaws, tuk tuks, anything for a bit of movement. And when I’m really lucky, there’s a mountain or stretch of water at the end of my journey. Best of all, there’s the sea.

You Go Surfer Girl.DV

That soulful longing to be engulfed by something tremendously larger than oneself, like a landlocked Moby Dick, can only be found in nature: forests, sky, vast expanses of crops, they all satisfy to some extent. But its the mysterious pull of the sea that draws us every year to the water’s edge. It’s a pleasure I can never resist. Why even try?

What better way to soothe the passions, calm the turbulent soul, or ignite the creativity than a moment by the ocean? Try a movie like George Clooney’s Perfect Storm to make you forget your troubles, Terrifying, even with Clooney! Or Blue Crush to make you start toning up a full year ahead for the bikini. Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez make it look so easy. Curses.

Even now in the Fall, even in Winter, there’s a place for you on the cliffs, watching nature show us who’s boss. People rush from their cosy camper vans on the south coast of England into the choppy waiters to surf, braving bitter winds, and in Finland, they cut holes in the ice and jump into the freezing dark water.

Brrr. Perhaps a last-minute dash to the sun is in order after all.

You Go Surfer Girl.

Top by Hush Homewear

Photography by Dear Velvet

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