The Secret Creative Life

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our secret creative life, here at Dear Velvet’s mobile HQ. This is a short video made for a website for the wonderful Michelle Gagliano, who I featured a while ago. We sat by the pool in Mallorca, working super hard (really) on the presentation and the site, while simultaneously doing a fashion shoot. SO much fun.

Do you have a secret creative life? I used to draw under the covers by a street lamp when I was a kid (naughty, naughty, I know) and somehow it seems, like a lot of creative people, those nocturnal inspirations have stayed with me. I’ll often moonlight with my Mac when I should be sleeping, and tend to keep a pad by my bed for random ideas.

What Is Style from Dear Velvet on Vimeo.

I’ve kept a dream diary at various times. How revealing that is! It seems as if the brain is never finished with some events in one’s life, chewing things over, and recasting, rearranging and renewing stories like a movie director. Try it. It makes you wonder why you should waste time being awake!
On the other hand, I love mornings, and there’s nothing better than the freshness of a new day and time to prepare the blank canvas of your mind for the creative tasks on the roster. And really, everything is creative. Even the way you handle difficult situations, or people, make mundane decisions, like what to eat tonight: it’s all creativity. When you look at it that way, it makes life so much more exciting.

That’s probably the allure of travelling, besides the obvious draw of new faces and places and exotic sights you can’t find on the high street: the decision-making, the creativity.

I started posting here as an outlet for my creativity, a little studio where I could do everything and anything I wanted. I thought of it as a kind of love letter about art, hence, Dear Velvet. To me, all art forms are equally important: fashion design, painting, poetry, photography, literature, game design, everything. We need these things , each according to their own taste, like we need food and water. We can’t self-actualize without passions and the beauty and drama of art, even if it’s just directing our own movie in our minds at night.

So I’m going to feature more weird and wonderful places and creations, more ways to expand your creativity, great D.I.Y. tips and as much creative awesomeness from the fabulous artists I meet and hear from as I can cram on the web.

Here’s to Your secret creative life!

Video by Dear Velvet for Michelle Gagliano –

Music – Vintage Frames by Kai Engel