10 Things To Do On A Mercury Retrograde

You can make this one of the best times of the year with just a little change in thinking…DV

Mercury is at it again.

Three times a year our mental switches flip because of this little orb: things go awry (more than usual). You miss appointments, glitches happen.. We call it  Mercury Retrograde and here’s how to harness it’s strengthss before it harnesses your weak spots. You can make this one of the best times of the year with just a little change in thinking, and as we’re dealing with Mercury, planet of communication, that’s all you need. Don’t believe in the planets’ effect on us? That’s okay, I’m sure you haven’t been plagued by glitches,  hold ups and snafus in your work recently, letters and emails going astray, misplaced memos and confused clients.  Lucky you.

Does Mercury Retrograde Really Affect Me?

Sure it does. During a Mercury Retrograde, it sometimes feels like we’re grinding over and over the same spot… and we are. Mercury wants us to make everything shine, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, practice till perfect. Old things are new again, old projects must be re-examined for faults or mined for gold, old flames whisk themselves out from behind the curtain.

What To Do?
It’s actually great time, really.  We get the chance to Redo.

  1. ReWrite – That paper, thesis, report or even resume has probably slipped out of sync with your needs right now.  Change it, go deeper and make it current.
  2. ReDo – From the colours of your room and outfits to your hair, it could be time for a rethink. Go deeper and really work out what you want THIS MOMENT from life.
  3. ReRead – Contracts, documents, favourite song lyrics: go back and find solutions or inspiration.
  4. RePair  – From tech to shoes, if it’s broke, fix it.
  5. ReStyle – Neaten up your surroundings, desk or hairdo, or chop it all off and start afresh.
  6. ReLearn – Everything you think you know could be wrong. Check for changes in your gadgets, work routines and routes to work. Life is evolving and fast. Grow with it.
  7. ReAlign – Book a course of massages or Pilates sessions. Schedule some time with your S.O. for a back rub exchange. Or just stand up straight. Alignment of the spine is the key to confidence and beauty: check out photos of 100 year-old yoga guru, Krishnamacharya for proof.
  8. ReConnect – Long lost friends, relatives or your high school crush. You can spend time combing through your little black book, but you’re just as likely to bump into them in the street. Mercury’s like that.
  9. ReNew Vows – From vegan bye-laws to the terms of your relationship, rethink your rules.
  10. ReEnergise – Spirits wilting from all work and no play? Project gone off the rails? Time to get out your yoga mat, running shoes or juicer.. Just find SOME way to boost your energy. You know what to do.

Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance to bring ourselves up a grade.. or three. DV

It’s a chance to refresh your spirit, and your life. Other writers and astrologers will scare you with dark stories of the retrograde’s potency and ill-effects, but don’t listen. It happens three times a year, so we might as well take the positive view. How can we make life better today? Mercury Retrograde gives us the chance to bring ourselves up a grade.. or three.

Enjoy your Mercury Rebellion. There’ll be SOMETHING good at the end of it.

Mercury Retrograde – In Style!