How To Survive Hygge

Hygge is such a buzz these days, solemnly touted as a Scandi tactic for staying in to survive the winter, but very few tell you how to actually survive hygge. It’s supposed to be the Danish concept of happiness – but what if all that sofa time doesn’t actually make you happy?  Having spent more than one snowed in winter season in Scandinavia myself (in Sweden they call it, mysig, or cosy), I say stop and think about it now. Before it’s too late.

Hygge could challenge your relationships and your resolve…Brace yourself.

Spending the the cold months hibernating in a warm, hygge glow can challenge your relationships, reading matter and resolve. There’s only so much Netflix you can chill with, before you start itching to actually do something. (I’ve seen it described as a waste of a perfectly good city in a London newspaper.)  Add to that a few Holiday days or (gulp) weeks with the relatives and you’ll be dreaming of work again.
But there’s no need to start commuting to an empty office or a closed school. Really. You can survive hygge, you just need the right kit.

To survive hygge, you just need the right kit…

What better time to break out the cosy sweaters and take up (or revive) a hobby? Knitting seems vogue-ish about now, but if craft sets your teeth on edge and you’d rather just wear the knitting, try something a little more edgy. How about music? Not so fast, pick your stick with care. Don’t be tempted to join the ranks of girl bass players in black leather minis and an armful of tattoos: go all out and aim for lead guitarist instead. You can always plump for singer-songwriter if all that solitary strumming makes you permanently anti-social.

Unless you’re already a virtuoso, you can pick up a pre-loved six-string (or ukulele if you think four is easier) in most charity shops (thrift stores). I’d never suggest a pawn shop, that final resting ground of many a musical career, if I thought you weren’t made of stern stuff. But you are, so away with you to reclaim, recycle or just plain “liberate” a steel-stringed beauty from behind your significant other’s sofa. Pick up  an instruction manual and wrap yourself in a cozy jumper.. You’ll be a rock goddess in the new year.

Rock on.

Forget about the manicure and emerge a rock goddess in the new year


Photography: DV