Mercury Retrograde – In Style!

So Mercury is RETROGRADE AGAIN.. LE SIGH! Seems like that little pixie planet is always raining on our parade, doesn’t it?!
I thought it’s time to revisit a few ideas on how to cope in these tricky times, so I took a look at my post from last year, (almost a year ago today!) as you can see its a subject that keeps meon my toes every season, and has friends asking me for astro advice at all times of the day and night. Yup, call me a Crystal-Gazer if you like, but I love to ponder on planetary processes and ruminate on the rhythm of time and tides.. Don’t you?!
For the esoterically challenged among you, look away now, get stuck into the full season of House of Cards or something for the next three weeks. The doings of a few enormous celestial objects can’t affect our little lives.. Or can they?!
Le wink.
(BTW: as you’ll soon see, there’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of a Mercury REtrograde than a REpost! Xx)

So, here we go with a few quick ideas, some common sense and a dash of humor. It happens three times a year: learn to ride the wave.

“A while back I wrote a mini guide for the celestial layman: 10 Things To Do On Mercury Retrograde. That was during the first of Mercury’s Retrogrades, or apparent back-peddling episodes of the year. Today marks the start of the last. If you’ve seen other articles about this event, maybe on Twitter or your daily horoscope (shh.. I won’t tell..) or the avalanche of pessimism on the net, you’ll no doubt have Mercury chalked up as an astral Bad Boy, out to spoil your fun.

Dodge The Gloom-mongers
Don’t listen to them, they’ll only make you nervous. Retrogrades give us a chance to re-examine the plans we’ve made, the relationships we’ve forged, things we’ve designed, worked on, bought, worn, sworn to, loved and otherwise, and check our handiwork. This is a chance to write in the margins, break out the old To-Do List and see how any items were actually Done. The clue is in the description of someone blessed with dazzling repartee and a speedy M.O.: Mercurial. Apt to slip through the fingers. Now’s the time to grasp concepts, contracts and life’s conundrums and really examine them, look for gold even. That’s not so bad, is it?

Mercury’s Not All Bad
You’ll no doubt have Mercury chalked up as an astral Bad Boy…In reality, contracts get signed, jobs are started, businesses take off  during this time, like any other, without the permission of an astrologer. Powerful people throughout history, possibly even Presidents, have based their moves on astrological counsel, but following the omens everyday can be a tad limiting, unnerving even. What if their sign isn’t compatible with yours? Done that. What if you sign an apartment lease on the dreaded Mercury Retrograde? Ditto. Or worse, do business in that period.. or buy an electrical item? Yup. Or wear the wrong color? Seriously?

What Next?
Life goes on, you can hardly spend nine weeks a year in cryogenic sleep. The apartment? It had a few downsides, (a teeny flood from the  upstairs tenants, plus possibly slightly ill-reputed  former inhabitants, according to a couple of gleeful cabbies) but a LOT of fun was had there: pizza nights, games nights, movie nights, birthdays, charades, you name it. The business deals, the gadgets? Everything changes, ideas come to fruition and transform and the electronics in particular do a brisk canter through my life. Maybe you’re the same. Equipment is never built to last and there’s a theory some folks even cause the glitches themselves. So no worries there then: suddenly able to turn on lights by yourself? Bonus! Superpowers!
But.. I’m No Superhero, How Does This Work?Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Style
Things can become muddled during Mercury Retrograde. Messages are garbled in voice-mail, emails go astray, important papers are lost, trains missed and so on. Keep cool. Check, double-check, then allow a lot of wiggle-room with timing. Use this period to clean out the mental closets and gracefully accept changes to your routine. Embrace the disruptions and look for ways to incorporate them. Reimagine your life.

To ride the wave, Just follow the RE Mantra:
ReRead / ReWrite 
ReDo / 
Reimagine / ReStyle
ReLearn / ReAlign
ReConnect / ReNew Vows

You’ll be golden!

ReImagine Your Life…