Orchid Power

In need of a little sensual pick-me-up? Some non-holiday cheer? Now you can blanket yourself in a cocoon of fragrance and colour that doesn’t come out of a bottle. It’s Orchid month, according to The Flower Council, and time to surround ourselves with the seductive, heady power of those beautiful blooms. Orchid power: a combination of their hypnotic, extraterrestrial shapes and the sensual lore around them. According to my sources (old-wives tales and, um, the internet) they are the bringer of all earthly delights. This could be  a good thing, as the year slides to a conclusion and winter sets in. Here’s a small taste of what the orchid might bring for you:

  • Improved relationships, according to their colour: everything from innocence to friendship to boldness.
  • Philosophy, nobility, refinement and luxury
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Fertility

The orchid… the designer handbag of flowersDV

Naturally, all these joys seem to lead from one to the other; some in such quick succession that caution may be advised. But how can we resist? The orchid always seems like the designer handbag of flowers, ranging from rarefied and pure to almost alarming in their edgy shapes. They definitely give good design. Try a little orchid power.

Try a little Orchid Power..

Photographs Courtesy Of The Flower Council OF Holland