This breathtaking image is the work of © BAKi, Shadow 1-1 (03), Is the New Year Card of our friends at Opiom Gallery in Cannes, South of France.

I love everything about it: the colour, the movement. Something about the delicate beauty of the model, swept up in a maelstrom of billowing silk, makes me think of the fluidity of the times we have have just been through. A time when health challenges interrupted every one of my creative projects and aims, notably Dear Velvet Instead of taking a personal day, I ended up taking a personal year.

2018 was a tumultuous year for many of us. Surely many of you felt the same? Let’s allow the gorgeous art of Baki to serve as a mandala on which to meditate about the year ahead. No resolutions, just firm intentions. Become the still centre in the eye of the hurricane of events, political, global and professional. Even though it’s still December, here in London, the sky is clear and blue, with sun shining on the bare trees outside. Rooftops are literally glowing and it all serves to remind me there is a world beyond my laptop and my phone. people keep telling me to take one day at a time; live in the Buddhist way.

I’ll take it.


Be the beauty you want to create.


PS: do check out Opiom Gallery to see more of Baki’s work and also the wonderful JeeYoung Lee