Start To Meditate

Meditation. You don’t need to give up anything. With claims of beauty and health gains, meditation is the new yoga. But it doesn’t have to be hard…

I’ve been missing recently. Missing assignments, missing writing and missing from my everyday life (whatever that is..) while I went in search of some space. All those hours, fingers clamped to the keyboard, the deadlines, my word count, or heavy camera, claimed part of my soul (and body). My fingers hurt, the clock became a warden and each new project claimed my sleep. True signs of a workaholic, over-committer. Whether at the office,  school, grad school or startup, we’re all  in the tech trenches.

If you’re creative, get meditative.DV

Received wisdom is this digital era will swallow up those who don’t, can’t or won’t play pixel. So we  join the team, if we can. And we love it. Who doesn’t spend a large part of the day scouring the social and throwing their entries into the stream? But, bottom line: if you’re creative,  get meditative.
And who isn’t creative now?
Meditation is everywhere. It’s the new black.. it’s the new yoga. It can be a serious part of your beauty and wellness regime and here’s how to make it happen in your busy day.

5 Ways to Start Meditation.

Start Small  

Whatever you do, just START. Brush teeth, meditate, have breakfast. Simple.

Baby Steps 

5, 10, 15 minutes, who’s counting? Those 10k hour legendary Tibetan monks are born to it. Some spend their lives in caves. You’re not going there. Take it easy.

No Techniques

Studies have shown that no meditation method is better than another. And no method is necessary. You could reach that blissful state by listening to an app, for example. So millennial. You can even meditate by walking..

Meditation for the Win 

Beauty benefits: smoother skin, less worry-face, sparkling eyes. Body benefits: less stress-snacking, sleeplessness and sluggishness. Brain benefits: a clear mind = increased brainpower and creativity. Love benefits: there’s that compassion and oneness thing.. the rest is up to you…

Bonus Points

Do it alone, or get social, it’s up to you. There’s a group for that. And if it’s good enough for Karlie Kloss… Enjoy.

Photograph by Rob Homewood